Welcome to our schedule sneak peek!

We prepared a list of exciting talks, so you can get a feel for our conference. Please keep in mind that this is not our full schedule. We will follow up with the full schedule in time, stay tuned!

»New Presenters' Workshop«
Wiseguy; Preconference Track (6.5 hours)

This a workshop about teaching! Bring an idea for a class you'd like to give, and by the end of the day you will be on your way to giving it.

»Nonverbal Methods: Hypnosis Through Intent«
Chewtoy; Preconference Track (6.5 hours)

Practice directing the unconscious nonverbal signals you are giving and reading the signals your partner gives, to be a better hypnotist and a better subject.

»Hypnosis 101: A Practical Approach«
The Secret Subject, Alicin (Co-Presenter); Preconference Track (6.5 hours)

In this class you will learn the basics of hypnosis as well as have a space to practice putting people in trance. While this is aimed at beginners we welcome anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of hypnosis and extend their skills.

»Music, Story, and Emotion: How to Craft a Musical Hypnotic Journey«
EnScenic (Noelle Nicholson); Preconference Track (6.5 hours)

How to create a music-driven group trance experience designed to evoke and manipulate specific emotions using a storytelling model. The track will include classes on storytelling, music theory, and musical induction demos; as well as a musical group trance experience.